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Working on your behalf 

Join Cooperative Trainers 
it's FREE and will make your life easier 

  • We work to find you new jobs
  • We're Friendly & professional
  • On the pulse for new business  
  • Get More Business Opportunities
  • Consistant and methodical
  • Attentive and engaging
  • Speedy and concise
  • Quality conscious
  • Keeping you in control

Collaborate, Co-operate & Consolidate

We Represent        You 
and give you the personal touch!

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated e-mail box
  • Supplier screening
  • Meeting representation
  • Trouble shooting
  • Course cover 
  • Bespoke reporting  
   Savings all round
  • Our service is free
  • Increase course savings
  • Reduce workload
  • Save valuable time
  • Staff costs saving  
  • Process savings
  • Procurement related saving
  • Invoice saving


  Independent          Fair 
  • ​ Driven soley by the client's needs and objectives
  •  We honour existing preferred suppliers first
  •  Vendor neutral / Non influenced or incentivised
  •  To seek best solution that meets the need 
  •  Best practice, quality and value 
  •  Transparent and trackable
  •  Operate a fair trading policy
  •  Working to a service level agreement
  •  Working to frameworks 
  Co-ordinate & Administrate
  • ​ Management Identification - Qualtification 
  •  Delegate invitation - Confirmation 
  •  Supplier booking - Evaluation and payment 
  •  Pre course information and registration
  •  Manager authorisation - Cost centre 
  •  Post course evaluation - Representation
  •  Post knowledge implementation and rollouts
  •  Post course support  
Please note: ITPC are not a training company, we are contracted on behalf of our clients to find book and organise all training needs
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