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Experts in Resourcing, Procuring and Managing Training 

I.TPurchasing Consortium


Neutral - Un-biased - Impartial - Non influential - Free from persuasion or control from external forces - Non affiliated.


To inform, educate and elevate one's knowledge - Imparting and acquiring skills and awareness - To teach 


The act of buying . Acquiring goods and services .  Secure ownership through procurement 


Association - Partnership - Group - Steering committee with a common goal or activity -

Collection of individual organisations (members) with no operational involvement but the willingness to participate in sharing and taking advantage of the benefits of collaboration.
(We focus on the training function, operations, processes and procurement)

Through the act of collaboration and consolidation the consortium pool individual needs and budget to increase opportunity and spend and reduce cost.

(Driven by the need and objectives)

(Any Subject, Any Course, Any Where)

(Be Smart Working Together)

What's in the name ?

(Best Quality, Value for money)

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